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My philosophy on personal training and nutrition coaching – It’s important to “meet” clients where they are. I understand that they may need time to break away from poor lifestyle choices and build better habits. This process will not happen overnight and requires careful coaching through each phase of their journey. During this time, I continue to gather information about their progress in order to purposefully guide them toward their goals.

What Makes Our Program Successful:

  • Schedule weekly personal training workouts in your own time slot.
  • Receive nutrition and training guidelines to follow on your own with each training option.
  • Learn about a variety of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle topics in the blog and monthly newsletter.
  • Create healthy habits for long-term success in all areas of your life.
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Eat Right, Stay Fit

10 Ways to Cut Sugar and Not Miss It

Healthy food can be flavorful without added sugars or artificial sweeteners. It’s no secret that sugar isn’t good for our health, but it triggers hormone responses that can make it hard to give up. You [...]

Woodbridge, VA Beginner Fitness – Join Us!

Attention - Woodbridge! Are you looking to be part of a beginner fitness community in Woodbridge, VA? Are you getting back on track with your fitness regime or just starting out and seeking guidance on [...]

Woodbridge Beginner Fitness Meetup!

Woodbridge Beginner Fitness Meetup: This new meetup group is for all fitness "newbies," founded by Trinity Perkins (owner of Fitness All Ways). Welcome to a healthier, more physically active lifestyle - this group [...]

Fun bRUNch in Woodbridge, VA

Fun bRUNch July 30th at 7:45am-10am Run/walk, core + bodyweight exercises led by Woodbridge personal trainer, Trinity Perkins, followed by a complimentary and nutritious brunch!  […]

What Your Weight On The Scale Really Means

Fortunately for daily scale-weighers whose moods are ruined by their constantly fluctuating weight, that number on the scale is just that - a number. The number on the scale is not an accurate reflection of [...]

“Working with Trin has changed everything for me.”

I’ve always worked out, but she gave me new perspective, kicked my butt each week, created a meal plan that was way better than what I had been eating…and the results are amazing! I still [...]

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