30-Day Challenge – Back to Basics!

30-Day Challenge – Back to Basics!

Congratulations to 15 amazing women who joined me for a comprehensive fitness, nutrition and accountability 30-day challenge. What made this 30-day challenge so different from other challenges? – coaching! Coaching is the difference between being given a set of meals and workouts and a “Good luck, see you in X number of days!” and being guided through the steps that will make you successful and keep you on track. Coaching transforms a challenge from focusing on how many pounds you can lose in X number of days to focusing on getting back to basics and counting what counts (not calories!) for long-term success.

Here are just a few photos and reflections from the 30 days –

Progress photo

“In this challenge I learned if I put my mind to it, food prep, eat clean, and push myself a little bit, I can make the lifestyle change needed to lose weight the healthy, long standing way. I also learned that having a support group and/or someone to hold you accountable is very much needed, because there were days, especially this week, were I was so unmotivated and reading an inspiring post or getting a message, telling me, “I could Do It,” really pushed me to get out of my funk. The 2 biggest things I will take away from this challenge is, if you want results, you got to push yourself to keep going, but most of all, IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU ARE PLANNING TO FAIL!!!!!!” – Yolanda


“I’m glad that you’ve challenged us to take before/after photos because they can often tell a story that the scale (or even measurements) may not tell.

Every time I have seen progress with my fitness it was a direct result of diet and exercise.

I’m working more on transforming the look of my body and not just the number on the scale.

All things considered, I feel like I’ve had a successful challenge because I’ve learned a lot…mostly about myself!” – Angela


“This has also helped me get back into the gym…it’s always hard going back after being out for so long, but this gave me the shove I needed.” – Julie


“One thing I was really hoping to achieve was to increase my eating mindfulness, thinking about what I eat before just shoving it in my mouth. The food journal and accountability was paramount and really helped me with that goal. I’ve also been very happy about how well I did avoiding sweets and most of those associated cravings. I’ve learned that most of my bad choices are simply out of habit and laziness. I don’t necessarily crave chick-fil-a or even really want it, but it’s just easier than going home and prepping/cooking food …or eating something sweet after a meal is just something I’ve always done, I don’t really have that urge anymore either. I appreciate all your feedback, motivation and advice.” – Rebecca 

“The last 30 days went by surprisingly quick! I can’t believe it’s come to an end!! I am surprised at looking at my before & after pics, as someone who considers themselves a pretty healthy eater & someone w/ a decent gym routine, I sometimes feel like it’s more of a challenge for me to lose weight, and I didn’t know if I’d really see any changes in 30 days. Sometimes i think it’s harder for someone of my size to lose weight than others because as some would say i don’t have much to lose, & kind of reached a plateau so i was surprised that I was able to see changes in just the first few weeks.

This holiday season, I am going to be very mindful of keeping my goals in front of me, looking at my pics to remind me of the progress I’ve made, and also know that I can enjoy the holidays & festivities in moderation w/o feeling guilty. I’m so glad i had the opportunity to join the challenge & get renewed before the holidays & be reminded that it’s in the small changes daily that make the biggest difference!!” – Brandee

This is just the beginning for these ladies…are you up for a challenge? Make the commitment to a healthier, more physically fit YOU in 2017!

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